Star-up Green Traffic Technology, pioneer in the production of electric power-assisted bicycles “Made-in-Vietnam”. With a vision to replace 2 million internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030, Wiibike continuously innovates, improves technology and perfects the ecosystem, spreading the bicycle culture widely.

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Vì sao chọn xe đạp trợ lực Wiibike?

Năng lượng xanh

Lithium-ion thân thiện môi trường, an toàn sức khỏe. Có thể tái chế đến 95%.

Made in Vietnam

Star-up Việt, sản phẩm tỷ lệ nội địa hóa cao.

Trợ lực thông minh

Công nghệ trợ lực thiết kế tối ưu với giao thông và thói quen người dùng Việt Nam.

Sống chất

Thời trang, lựa chọn khác biệt, sống chất & có GU

Xem xe

Vì sao chọn xe đạp trợ lực Wiibike?

Green energy

Environmentally friendly lithium-ion, safe for health. Up to 95% recyclable.

Made in Vietnam

Vietnamese startup, products with high localization rate.

Smart assist

Power assist technology is optimally designed with Vietnamese traffic and user habits.

Live quality

Fashion, choose differently, live quality & have style

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Electric Power Assist Bicycle

It is a bicycle with a smart electric booster. The bike can be used for sports like a regular bicycle, running on electricity or both pedaling and electric in combination to go faster.

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Wiibike Electric Power Assist Kit

The smart WiiBike Kit converts a regular bike into an electric power assist bike. Light – Compact – Safe, Wiibike Kit makes your bike the ideal companion on many long journeys.


Electric Power Assist Bicycle

Wiibike kit

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Bicycle Cafe

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Hà Việt Phương, Techcombank

“I am funded by the Bank for the cost of a taxi, but the Wiibike is still a daily companion, I have more time to relax and watch the street instead of staring at the phone screen in the taxi”

Như Hạnh, Quy Nhơn

“For a full year with #wiibikevietnam’s summer version power-assisted bike, it’s not just a bike but a whole sky of emotions that are hard to put into words.”

Mark Barner, Australia Journalist

“I have had a passion for cycling for a long time. But in Vietnam, cycling is not as popular as riding a motorbike or car. The Wiibike is really the right vehicle for me.”

Our partner

Wiibike is proud to be a reliable partner of the world’s leading brands, ensuring to bring customers superior products and the best after-sales service.

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Dễ dàng trở thành đối tác của Wiibike tại Việt Nam – Chiết khấu hấp dẫn cho đại lý, hỗ trợ PR, training bán hàng….

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