Frequently Asked Questions

Bicycle bicycle Wiibike assist force electric other what with bike bicycle electric regular?

The biggest difference between a Wiibike and a regular electric bike is the battery. Batteries for electric bicycles are commonly used batteries. Wiibike specifically chooses Lithium-Ion batteries for its electric power-assisted vehicles with the advantage of being compact, having a long life. The total range of a Wiibike Lithium-ion battery can be up to 45,000km, corresponding to 900 charges, while the battery is only 300-400 charges. With a full charge, the car can travel more than 40km.

Transportation speed of xe bike electric is how much? 

According to technical regulations, a safe electric vehicle for users is an electric vehicle that ensures the maximum speed does not exceed 25km/h to ensure safety. With Wiibike electric scooter, the maximum speed can be up to 30-32km/h but Wiibike recommends you to go within the allowable speed limit.

Weight weight xe  pedal assist force electric Wiibike is how much? 

Because the Lithium-Ion battery is lighter, the weight of the battery-powered electric vehicle is therefore also more compact. The total weight of the Wiibike electric power assisted bicycle is about 19kg.

Is the Wiibike battery removable when charging easy?

For people living in apartments, it will be difficult to bring an electric car up to the room to charge. The Wiibike packs the battery in a lightweight and elegant leather bag, or right under the rear seat, that can be easily removed to charge anywhere you want.

Each time charge battery will go get distance road is how far?

The Wiibike e-bike can travel up to 60km/1 full charge in electric assist pedal mode.

Battery yes was bottle/ inflated  ;if plug power in time time long?  

Compared to batteries, which are not equipped with an automatic shut-off device when the battery is full, the risk of overloading and swelling of the battery is also higher. The Lithium-Ion battery has an automatic disconnection when the battery is full, so it is almost unaffected when plugged in for a long time. However, Wiibike recommends that customers should also not plug in the charger continuously, up to 12 hours only.

Wiibike can be used in bad weather (rain, wind, road). muddy..) no?

The motor design of the Wiibike is self-contained, especially when using batteries, allowing the product to be used in rainy and windy weather. Of course, you also can’t leave your car submerged or soaked in water for too long and for a long time, even cars or motorbikes if left in such weather conditions are also very quickly damaged.