Wiibike introduces bicycle rental service by day or by month for the purpose of moving in the city.

* Businesses/travel agencies who want to rent a car for their service, please contact phone number 098.9898.098 for a separate policy.



  • Policy for customers BUY CAR AFTER RENTAL:
    • Free 1 day experience with electric power assist bicycles (from the time of completion complete the rental procedure).
    • 30% discount for customers who rent a car for 2 days or more (from the time of completing the car rental procedure).

Steps to rent a Wii car:

Step 1: Contact the Wiibike rental location in advance to get information as well as advice on choosing the right car

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents for car rental procedures, including:

–  2,000,000VND deposit for each car  and ID card  if renting by day

–  6,000,000VND deposit for each vehicle and photo of ID if renting a car by week or monthly.

Step 3: Go to the car rental location to pick up the car

  • Here, customers will be assisted with car rental procedures
  •  sign a contract
  • Customers take a photo of handing over the car

Step 4: Enjoy your ride on a Wiibike ^^

Step 5: Return the car at the rental location, liquidate the contract and refund the deposit


  • Offers cannot be used concurrently between services.
  • The above offers are subject to change according to Wiibike policy from time to time.


1. Regulations on warranty and repair during the rental period

During the use process, errors arising will be specified as follows:

  • Defects caused by the manufacturer in parts: battery, motor, throttle, speed regulator will be warranted by Wiibike & Free repair.
  • Defects arising in the process of use are not caused by the manufacturer’s fault, the lessee will pay for the repair costs incurred.
  • Electrical faults (battery, motor, throttle, speed regulator) belonging to the fault of the Renter (using the wrong instructions or having a collision during use) will be repaired at the Wiibike store, repair costs will be determined by Wiibike & Renter is responsible for paying that part.
  • Other basic errors (tattoos, tyres), Renters can take their own initiative to make appropriate repairs.
  • Wiibike will have the right to rate & make the final decision on responsibility for arising errors.

2. Regulations on compensation for damage

The above price may change depending on the error agreement of the two parties.

3. Termination, renewal 

3.1 Termination of contract:

  • Within 02 days from the end of the contract, the Renter is obliged to return the vehicle to Wiibike & complete the payment of arising costs (if any)
  • If within 02 days from the end of the contract, the lessee does not return the car (at the store), then incur penalties for overdue payment at the current daily rental fee set by Wiibike

3.2 Contract extension:

  • In case the Lessee wishes to continue renting the car, the two parties will sign the contract extension addendum (via email).
  • The renewal of the contract needs to be renewed. notified to Wiibike by the Renter prior to the termination date specified in the contract.